How to Promote Your Event in Pinal NOW!

We make it easy to promote your Pinal County event! Pinal NOW! is a free, monthly magazine with matching website that covers events and activities all around the county.

How to Submit an Event

Basic event listings are free, and we accept events taking place anywhere in Pinal County. Submit events at or click on the SUBMIT button at A form will appear that will ask for all the details about your event. Provide as much information as possible, including a brief description.

Deadlines for Upcoming Issues

The deadline for submitting events appearing in the magazine is one month prior to the publication date.

May 2021 Issue:  Deadline is April 1
June 2021 Issue: Deadline is May 1
July 2021 Issue: Deadline is June 1

Each issue includes the events for the  two upcoming months. For example, the May 2021 issue will feature events taking place in May and June. Even if you have missed the deadline for an upcoming issue, please submit your event as it will still be added to the  events calendar on the Pinal NOW! website, and will be promoted on social media. If you have any questions about submitting an event, send an email to

Creating a Facebook Event

A Facebook Event is created using your Facebook business or organization page. It offers some powerful advantages over creating a simple Facebook post. A Facebook event can be added to other Facebook Pages, and the event information can be edited at any time. We highly recommend that you create a Facebook Event!